A wedding band

band for real

zespół na wesele wrocław orkiestra

Grajmofon (in 2008-2015 performing as La Lux Cover Band) offers full service musical setting for your wedding, guaranteeing energetic live music and a wonderful time with the greatest hits of all times. Our top-quality sound is a unique combination of various instruments and two vocals: male and female.

Our major asset is the possibility of conducting your wedding in three different languages: Polish, English, and German.

We only play live music; our instruments include keys, guitar, bass guitar, and funky drums. Such a selection allows us to make any hit sound perfect, whether Polish or international. Our 30-40-minutes sets consist of 7-10 songs and are followed by 15-minutes breaks with background music.

Musical sets are always tailored to particular customers, which guarantees 100% satisfaction on their and their guests’ part.

zespół weselny wrocław muzyczna orkiestra