Grajmofon Music Band

extraordinary musical blend


zespół muzyczny grajmofon aga

vocals, entertainment (pl,de)

A vocalist and teacher of German. She conducts parties both in Polish and German. Professional to the utmost, she will look into the slightest detail of your event.


zespół muzyczny grajmofon piter


A guitarist, composer, producer, and session musician. He has cooperated with many artists.


zespół muzyczny grajmofon wojtek

vocals, entertainment (pl,eng)

A vocalist, saxophonist, and musical actor. Currently he appears in the productions of The Ad Spectatores Theatre and The Musical Theatre Capitol.


zespół muzyczny grajmofon piotr

drums, management

A multi-instrumentalist: plays the drums, clarinet, saxophone, and keys. Throughout the years he has played in many local bands. The band member to make arrangements with.


zespół muzyczny grajmofon adam


A bass and keys player, session musician, producer, and composer. He has worked together with many popular musicians. A graduate from the Jazz Department of The Academy of Music in Katowice.


zespół muzyczny grajmofon piotr


An owner of a recording studio; plays the keys and produces music. He has performed with various local and international artists.