Why us?

Our assets in a nutshell

We always play live

Great skills and professional instruments allow us to perform almost every song live, without resorting to half-playback. We believe that live music is the one that really moves people and keeps the dance floor full.

We have the experience

From 2008 to 2015 we performed as La Lux Cover Band (www.lalux.pl) and throughout those 7 years did about 200 gigs. We have gathered the necessary experience to please even most demanding customers.

We have professional instruments

The quality of music is the apple of our eye, so we keep investing in the band. That is why our instruments, PA system, and lighting are all top-shelf.

Broad repertoire

We simply play great songs of all times: the 50s, 70s or modern hits, rock, funk or disco – we do not limit ourselves to one style only. That is how we make everybody happy.

Two lead singers- male and female

Unlike many other bands, we opt for two different vocals because we know how boring it can get listening to the same voice for 12hrs non-stop. With a male and a female voice we can offer more different songs in dazzling performances.

We steer clear of cheesiness

We are professional musicians who also take part in non-commercial projects, so we are able to blend smoothly a variety of styles. Since we value not the type, but the quality of music, we try to add an extra touch of artistry to the songs that especially need it.